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12 Popular Summer Drinks

12 popular summer drinks

Without a refreshing tropical drink, summer wouldn’t be perfect. Even though many of us enjoy a classy summertime drink, you prefer non-alcoholic drinks.  Here are a few delightful and cool 12 popular summer drinks that are ideal if you’re aiming to avoid alcohol or just need something to sip on. 1. Raspberry Lemonade Sparkling Due […]

What is Green Tea and Matcha?

green tea and matcha

People ask green tea and matcha are the same thing? Green tea and matcha are both cultivated from Camellia sinensis plant but they have different flavors. There are also some differences in how leaves are cultivated, processed, and the form of consumption such as powder or whole leaves.   What is green tea? Green tea […]

The benefits of tea and types of tea. Why you should drink more tea.

green tea

What are the benefits of tea? Many cultures have enjoyed drinking tea for centuries. When you think of tea, you can relate to Chinese people drinking lots of tea in their diet, England’s afternoon tea time, Japan’s ritual tea ceremony, the finest Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, and so forth. How the tea is originated […]